Fly with a SpitfireWhy not extend your flying experience, and enjoy a viewing of the aircraft from your flight?

During the maintenance / re-fuelling breaks we are able to offer a small group of people the opportunity to view the Spitfire at close quarters, seeing the aeroplane as close as one could possibly wish for – ideal for enthusiasts, model makers, and photographers.

What will I see?
You’ll have full close up photographic access to the exterior of the aircraft – you’ll see every rivet! You will also be able to look into the cockpit and photograph all the instrumentation, with the cockpit access flap down. Whilst we would like to offer you the opportunity to sit in the cockpit, due to accidental damage in the past, this is no longer possible.

Fly with a SpitfireThe viewings are also in the company of the pilots flying that day, and this is an excellent opportunity to ask them questions about the flying aspects of the aircraft, and about their own flying experiences.

One of our pilots, Charlie Brown, has had over 20 years Spitfire flying experience, so this is a wonderful opportunity to talk to a real expert.

These viewings are available to both flyers and accompanying friends and family members.

Availability is limited, and pre-booking is essential.

Duration: 20 minutes

Cost: £50.00 per person (inc.VAT)

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