Bell 222 - AirwolfHeli-Charter are very proud and excited to offer to the airshow circuit the only Bell 222 helicopter flying in the cult 80′s TV series livery Airwolf. The Airwolf Display is something different and certainly exciting that audiences will not have seen before.

The routine is geared around the TV show typical chase routine with plenty of its unique rotor thud, fast passes, low speed manouvers and wing overs.

Bell 222 - AirwolfWe also have a ground package that can travel with us, a black marquee tailored as the “Lair” which has useful information on Airwolf and the pilots and crew on hand to talk to the public and in addition to the display we can also offer our “Santini Air” Jet Ranger to carry out pleasure flights for the public under our AOC.

The Santini Jet Ranger was in the series and was the cover front for the Airwolf operation. The program still has a huge fan base and the interest is very high for Airwolf.